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1 Paar weiche farbige Kontaktlinsen
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1 pair of 6 monthly lenses in a bottle

With our sclera contact lenses you really make your eyes big

Pure horror !!! Absolute horror factor for your counterpart.

This guarantees a spectacular appearance for Halloween or parties.

This cosmetic effect contact lens has a diameter of 22 mm and thus covers the entire eye. Normal effect lenses usually have a diameter of only 14.5 mm. These contact lenses known from Japan and America are now also available here.

Sclera contact lenses are available in different colors.

Of course, we apply the same high quality standards in the manufacture of the sclera lenses as we do with our other products. These contact lenses are manufactured using a sandwich process, which means that the color lies between two layers of plastic and therefore does not wear off. There is therefore no risk of particles loosening and getting into the eye.

The special feature here is the slightly larger diameter, which visually enlarges the eyes

and let it work all the more!

Can be used for up to 6 months with appropriate care.

You will receive contact lenses from us which, if unopened, have a shelf life of at least three years.

Are suitable for light and dark eyes, have a very strong opacity

Very good quality and very comfortable to wear

Manufactured using the sandwich process.

This guarantees that no color particles get into the eye.

Not suitable for road traffic!


Further information

Type: soft contact lenses

Material: 58% polyhema, 42% water content

Radius (BC): 8.60 mm

Diameter (DIA): 22 mm

6 monthly lenses


Sclera lenses are only recommended for adults and experienced lens wearers.

Due to the large diameter, you need some experience to insert it.

But with a little patience and practice, putting the lenses on will become routine.

There are also various videos on the Internet that illustrate the insertion of sclera lenses. Keyword: Video Sclera

It is only recommended to wear it for 4 hours.

Detailed instructions are included with the contact lenses.


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material: 58% Polyhema, 42% water content